I had hit a wall.

Working a cubicle job bored me. Office politics irritated me. Meaningless small talk annoyed me. Futile work assignments drained me. In the cubicle world, there is nothing “real” to fight for so we bicker among ourselves over things we have no influence on.

I started to feel useless, tired and depressed. I came home exhausted, flipped on the TV to watch people do amazing things on television. I couldn’t take this stagnant lifestyle any more. My Adventure Monkey was starved!

We all need adventure. The Adventure Monkey is inside of us all. Without feeding our Adventure Monkeys we get at the minimum restless and at worst clinically depressed.

The idea of Adventure Monkey came to me while I was feeding my Adventure Monkey on a long bicycle ride. While considering the simple needs that must be met for humans to live happy, fulfilled lives, I envisioned our inner needs as little monkeys, cute yet destructive if left unfed.

I began sharing my cycling journeys with the world in 2009 and Adventure Monkey has been inspiring others to feed their monkeys ever since. I quit my normal job in 2014 to take Adventure Monkey to the next level. It’s our goal to inspire everyone to feed their monkeys! We sell apparel, shirts, accessories, art and provide educational material to help you live the adventure your life is meant to be.

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