Why Adventure Monkey?

We all need adventure. The Adventure Monkey is inside of us all. Without feeding our Adventure Monkeys we get at the minimum restless and at worst clinically depressed. Some people feed their Adventure Monkeys with daredevil X-game types of adventures. Others feed them with travel, exercise, bird watching, meeting new people or starting a business. There is an unlimited number of ways to feed our Adventure Monkeys. If we don’t, we end up with a stale, tasteless and boring life that lacks the excitement we crave. Ever feel that way? It’s because your Adventure Monkey is hungry or worse yet, starved.

I got the idea of the Adventure Monkey while on a long bicycle ride. I was considering the simple needs that must be met for us to live happy, fulfilled lives. No forebrain or higher level human psyche to get in the way. We tend to forget or repress these simple needs and desires in our logical forebrain dominated world. I found myself seeing these inner needs as little monkeys, cute yet destructive if left unfed.

Much like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I imagined a barrel of monkeys instead of a dry, dusty pyramid. If any one of these monkeys doesn’t get fed, it gets hungry and becomes irritated, antagonizing the other monkeys inside of us. It’s not hard to think of a family member or friend that didn’t (or doesn’t)  get their Love Monkey fed. It affects their lives in a negative way. I may refer to other monkeys, from time to time, but this blog is dedicated mainly to the Adventure Monkey inside of us.

Why was I riding my bike thinking about needs?

Working my day-to-day office job was boring me to death. Office politics irritated me. Meaningless small talk annoyed me. Futile work assignments drained me. In the cubicle world, there is nothing “real” to fight for so we bicker among ourselves about things we have no influence over.

I started to feel useless, tired and depressed. I came home and was tired. I would watch people do cool things on television. I was tired of watching people do great things as I sat there doing nothing. My Adventure Monkey was starved!

When the weather turned, I started cycling again. I was enjoying the freedom and relaxation of a nice cross-country ride. I started challenging myself, going farther and farther each ride. My mind would clear and I would reflect and learn while on a long bicycle ride. I didn’t feel depressed. I felt as if I was accomplishing something great on these rides. I was feeding my Adventure Monkey.

I found that pushing myself physically, frees myself mentally. I believe that bicycling has mind altering capabilities. My bicycle rides have become my anti-depressant medication.

So there you go. That’s me and how Adventure Monkey got started. It will evolve and adapt to how things change in my life. I will write about cycling, photography and everything in between. I will talk gear and answer questions anyone has. Hopefully this will blossom into some workshops or photography bicycle tours. Who knows? Just make sure to Feed Your Monkey!

About Me

  • I am dad.
  • I am a photographer, have been since 1990. I used to shoot wedding and portraits, but decided to focus on adventure and riding my bike.
  • I am a freelance photographer attempting to shoot images that inspire.
  • I’m good at design and layout but would rather be outside shooting images.
  • Some say I am an expert post-processor. I think I’ve just learned a few things about processing images since the 90’s.
  • I have been using digital tools on the Macintosh platform since 1997.
  • I have prematurely graying hair.
  • I love to laugh and let myself cry.
  • I have a border collie that catches Frisbees and loves visitors.
  • I love to ride my bike far, far away
  • Waking up with the sunrise in a tent to get ready for another day of pedaling sounds amazing.
  • I will chase a good looking storm before I run from it.
  • I am on a journey to illumination.
  • I like to communicate. Feel free to contact me by email here.