What is Adventure Monkey?

Without feeding the Adventure Monkey inside, we get restless, bored or depressed with life. We have an innate need for adventure that the work-to-couch lifestyle is not fulfilling. Be happy and Feed Your Monkey!Eric Benjamin


Adventure Monkey is run by Eric Benjamin, a professional photographer that fell in love with cycling. Now he shoots fine art landscapes, commercial portraits and BIKES! This site is a place to share that love of photography with you. 


I ride bikes. I take pictures. You will find details on my cycling adventures including training, diet, bicycle information and reviews on bicycle components, especially anything to do with gravel grinding and bikepacking. 

Guest Posts

This site is dedicated to motivate you to Feed Your Monkey! Your story can help others take that step towards changing their lives and health by seeing that they can do it – whatever it is you do to Feed Your Monkey! Feel free to email me with article ideas!

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Yes, we do sell prints, and cycling apparel too! Click on the “Prints” or “Jerseys” buttons on the main menu above. Eric is also a freelance photographer and writer for hire. 

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About Eric

Eric has been shooting professionally since 1990, back in the day of film and darkrooms. He worked as a photographer and designer for a magazine company in Kansas City before opening his own photography studio. After six 1/2 years of running his studio, he became a corporate artist for a nuclear energy company. Little did he know this move would be a major turning point in his life.

He did well as a corporate artist, except that he hated living behind a desk everyday and soon got restless. He needed something to do to break the work-to-couch lifestyle. His Adventure Monkey was starved! He blew the dust off of his 20 year old mountain bike and went for a ride. Twenty mile rides grew to 30, 60 and 90. Soon he was taking his camera on his rides to capture the beauty in the Flint Hills of Kansas. “People should know about this,” he thought. On a long, endorphin-filled bike ride the idea for Adventure Monkey came to him.

There is an Adventure Monkey in each of us that needs to be fed or we get restless, bored or depressed with life. We are designed to move and have an innate need for adventure. Many of us are missing that with the comfort we have grown accustomed to under fluorescent lighting, behind desks and/or watching TV on the couch. He realized he loved cycling so much because it was his way to escape, find adventure and it made him feel good!

The next day he worked on a logo and the rest is history. This website soon created real friendships with others interested in cycling and photography. His life was shifting.

He finished the Dirty Kanza in 2010 and went on his first bikepacking tour later that year. He was hooked. Bikepacking unlocked something within him he never knew was there – his love for adventure.

As he was training for the Stagecoach 400, he started to feel something was not right. He then faced his hardest battle as he had to undergo open-heart surgery to repair his mitral valve. He is currently training again and is planning on racing the Dirty Kanza 200 again. And perhaps the race he had prepared so hard for before surgery – the Stagecoach 400.

Eric started out as a teacher and loves to teach. Adventure Monkey has hosted photo-cycling tours teaching photography skills to those wanting to take better pictures. He plans on doing more workshops like these and perhaps leading bikepacking tours in the future too.

Eric is also a dad, the owner of a border collie and sushi lover. He likes craft beer, good whisky and time with friends. He is a freelance photographer, designer and writer. Email him if you want to use his talents for your next project. Check out his portfolio for samples of his work.