I am back in school to be a PA, a career I’ve wanted since 1995! When I am out, these tours will begin again (and not just in Kansas anymore Toto).

Adventure Monkey’s main purpose for existence is to inspire and help people feed their monkeys. This ranges from:

  • Photocycling tours
  • “Finding Your Inner Hero” workshops 
  • Bikepacking events
  • Adventure Tours and Workshops
  • Blog posts
  • Photography

If we see a way to help you live your life more fully we will investigate it. Currently we are scheduling yearly photocycling tours in the Flint Hills and are in the design phase of other events and workshops for 2014. Adventure Monkey is a shoestring operation with a million dollar mindset, so keep checking back for new information.

Click below to see more details:

Flint Hills Photocycling Tours

Finding Your Inner Hero Workshop (in development)

Advanced Photography Workshop – taking your images further (in development)

speaking at bike clubs

flint hills cycling tour (43)

bicycle tour (17)