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“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

This has been the year of travel for me and I still have a few places to visit before summer is over. The rest of my travel plans will be done with my trusty 2001 Toyota Corolla that has over 245,000 miles. She runs a little rough and leaks a bit of oil, but she still gets me from point A to point B. Getting out of town and seeing other places, tasting other foods and experiencing other culture is good for the soul. It opens the mind and it has shown me that there is so much out there in the world. As the quote above says, it does turn one into a storyteller. Travel also reminds one of the comfort of home when one returns. I have enjoyed travelling so much that I am going to make it a regular part of my life, meaning travel needs a line in my budget just like food does. I think travel is that important.

This post will mainly be about sharing pictures from my latest travels. All these images were shot with my trusty iPhone 5s, as I was travelling light. There are three galleries below.

First stop is Maui. Maui is a road cyclist’s paradise. You can ride around the entire island on a road bike that can be rented on the island from one of two local shops. There’s tons of climbing and every inch of the island is beautiful. I was able to stay two weeks and didn’t want to come home. Whales were jumping in the distance, sea turtles sunbathed on the shore and what I usually think of as house plants grew wild. The smells were pleasant, the views were amazing and the riding was top notch. Thanks to the Williams family for making this trip possible. I hope to return the favor in the future. Click on an image to open the carousel.


I came home for three days and then was off again. This time to California. My mom was going to go back to California to nanny for my cousin’s new baby for six months. I drove with her for safety and then spent a week seeing family in California. I love it there. Here’s a few shots of that road trip.

Road Trip to California

After that my good friend Todd took me on another unforgettable trip. We went to New York, where I sat on a tour bus seeing much of the city and got to experience two Broadway shows. It was an incredible experience! Then we headed to Arizona where he had a conference and I basically chilled out all week. It was a little bit of heaven. I met Todd 15 years ago in an airport and we have been friends since then. You just never know what life will bring you!

New York – Arizona

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