Dirty Kanza 200: 2014 edition

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Another Dirty Kanza 200 is in the books! We had perfect weather conditions for a fast race – low winds and mild temperatures and some very fast racers. Records would be broken.

This little bicycle race, thought up in the heads of some somewhat crazy gravel grinding cyclists some nine years ago, has become something of awe. The whole town of Emporia was buzzing with excitement all week. Bicycles were everywhere. Sales were up all over town. This bicycle race has become something that has brought change to the culture of Emporia. It is quite amazing. After talking to vendors that go to races and events all over the country, this kind of community support doesn’t happen everywhere. I am going to take some time in the near future to write something up about how this has happened and the effect it has had on our town. This is a positive example of how bicycles can make a difference to a community – a positive difference.

My photography exhibit was a big hit too! I’d like to thank the Emporia Arts Center for the opportunity to do my own show – quite an honor. See more fine art prints here.

But hey, I know why you are here, not to read my drivel, you want to see pictures! Here are a few of my favorites from the day. I will make all of them available to you soon!

Dirty Kanza 200_001

 The Granada District of town was ready for the big race

Dirty Kanza 200_002

 The field of racers was over 1200 strong! We had two racer meetings on Friday evening. Excitement was in the air!

Dirty Kanza 200_003

 Live music outside, people everywhere, bikes everywhere – Emporia had come alive!

Dirty Kanza 200_004

The racers were nervous with anticipation, taking their positions according to their expected finish times. I shot this and wondered how many of these racers would finish as they had hoped. You never know what can happen over 200 miles of Flint Hills gravel.

Dirty Kanza 200_005


Dirty Kanza 200_006

 A roll out with the Emporia Police Department as an escort


Dirty Kanza 200_008

 The first hill of the race about ten miles out of town. The locals know of Road D Hill. I positioned myself and waited. This shot was worth the short wait.

Dirty Kanza 200_009

 I shot for some time getting racers from the 200, 100 and fun rides. They will be published soon!

Dirty Kanza 200_010

It’s not every day a regular rider gets to ride with the likes of Rebecca Rusch. That’s another cool thing about this race – It brings out all levels of racers and creates new cyclists every year because of the excitement and inspirational efforts from all the racers.

Dirty Kanza 200_011


Dirty Kanza 200_012

 Cornbread Godfrey from Lincoln Nebraska, a former DK200 champ

Dirty Kanza 200_013

 Tandem racers from Minnesota – The Rakes

Dirty Kanza 200_014

 Big Dave from Stillwater

Dirty Kanza 200_015


Dirty Kanza 200_016

The unexpected morning fog made for some great images

Dirty Kanza 200_017

 Chamois Butter had a lot of riders out there this year!

Dirty Kanza 200_018

 Adventure Monkey, Shawn Omara!

Dirty Kanza 200_019


Dirty Kanza 200_020


Dirty Kanza 200_021

 OK, people this is the face to make when riding the DK200! This guy wins!

Dirty Kanza 200_022

I shot and shot and shot. It was unbelievable to see all the riders on our gravel roads!

Dirty Kanza 200_023


Dirty Kanza 200_024


Dirty Kanza 200_025

 Bobby and Crystal Wintle from District Bicycles in Stillwater, Oklahoma – all smiles at mile 10

Dirty Kanza 200_026

 Riding up a hill with no hands and striking a mean pose for the camera. Jim Davis wins.

Dirty Kanza 200_027

 This guy motored up the hill like it was nothing and was all smiles.

Dirty Kanza 200_028

The line of cyclists was very cool to see

Dirty Kanza 200_029

 Chuck Tucker on a single speed Salsa Mukluk fatbike

Dirty Kanza 200_030

 Katelyn was having a great day, although worried about finishing the half-pint, she ended up having her strongest day ever!

Dirty Kanza 200_031

 Team Reynolds from Emporia

After some car trouble, the truck overheated, and thinking about going back to Emporia to put the Corolla through the Flint Hills, we added coolant and were good to go. We headed to the low water crossing just before Madison to shoot.

Dirty Kanza 200_032

 The Leaders – Joe Fox from Cycle City was the first to hit the water

Dirty Kanza 200_033


Dirty Kanza 200_034

 Some rode, most carried through the murky water

Dirty Kanza 200_035

 Barry Wicks doing the happy dance for the camera

Dirty Kanza 200_036

 Rebecca Rusch

Dirty Kanza 200_037


Dirty Kanza 200_038


Dirty Kanza 200_039


Dirty Kanza 200_040

Dan Hughes, four-time DK200 Champion

I set the camera to capture movement through the water. I like my results

Dirty Kanza 200_041


Dirty Kanza 200_042


Dirty Kanza 200_043


Dirty Kanza 200_044

 Lance Andre, all around badassed cyclist

Dirty Kanza 200_045


Dirty Kanza 200_046


Dirty Kanza 200_047


Dirty Kanza 200_048


Dirty Kanza 200_049

 Best DK200 fans ever!

Dirty Kanza 200_050


Dirty Kanza 200_052


Dirty Kanza 200_053


Dirty Kanza 200_054

 The Pirate Cycling League from Lincoln Nebraska well represented – Bob Breckner

Dirty Kanza 200_055

 After the first checkpoint in Madison, Kansas the riders had to climb a steep hill to get out of town

Dirty Kanza 200_056


Dirty Kanza 200_057

I was doing the miles-per-hour estimations math because I wanted to make sure and see Katelyn at her checkpoint for the half-pint. I high-tailed it from Madison to get to Cottonwood Falls. I was worried that I might miss her. She was having her best day ever on the bike. I wanted to get some really good pictures along the course, but sometimes other priorities take precedence.

Dirty Kanza 200_058

 Katelyn came in to Cottonwood Falls feeling great and looking strong!

Dirty Kanza 200_060

 I drove to Sharps Creek Road to wait on the leaders. I shot a few landscapes waiting to see riders

Dirty Kanza 200_061

Well ahead of any other riders was the leader at around 140 miles into the course – Brian Jensen from Lawrence, Kansas!

Dirty Kanza 200_062

With a 10 mph tailwind, the leaders were really moving through this section

Dirty Kanza 200_063

Barry Wicks riding strong

Dirty Kanza 200_064


Dirty Kanza 200_065


Dirty Kanza 200_068

 I hiked into the hills for a few shots

Dirty Kanza 200_069


Dirty Kanza 200_070


Dirty Kanza 200_071


Dirty Kanza 200_072


Dirty Kanza 200_073


Dirty Kanza 200_074


Dirty Kanza 200_075


Dirty Kanza 200_076

After getting some great shots of riders in the open expanse of the Flint Hills I made the decision that I better get back to Emporia. Katelyn was going to finish her first century ever! (and the half-pint was actually 110 miles)

Dirty Kanza 200_077

 She did it! Kristi congratulated Katelyn as she crossed the finish line. Kristi and Katelyn rode together quite a few times for some DK200 training.

Dirty Kanza 200_078

 This guy was standing there later in the day after he finished the DK200. This is the epitome of a DK200 rider

Sharps Creek Road

 I shot this amazing landscape as I waited for the riders on Sharps Creek Road. Click to see larger.

And that’s that. A new record was set (see results here). A new King of Kanza would be had. It was a great day. I was motivated to be on a bike next year instead of behind a camera. I was a little bummed that I wasn’t riding. Next year I hope to have images from the seat of my bike!

We had quite a few photographers out there that got some amazing shots. We will soon have links from the DK200 site to the photographer’s sites. Plus I will do another page of blog posts from the race so you will have a central location for all the DK200 stories.

You may have noticed the lack of pictures of Dan Hughes, well just wait. He is going to do a guest post of his Dirty Kanza 200 experience sometime this week, so stay tuned.

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