dirty kanza 200 winners

Dirty Kanza 200 Aftermath

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The DirtyKanza 200 is an amazing race. This was my first time as a spectator rather than a rider. I can’t even describe how bad I wanted to be on that course with everyone. I have a great story that I will get to later in the week.

I also have some amazing images. Can I say that about my own work? I think I need to do more race photography which is tough to do when I want to be a competitor. Even though I couldn’t race, I had a great time shooting the most scenic gravel ginder in the country.

Here’s some things that stood out to me about this year’s DK200:

  • There is a special camaraderie among all the competitors, support crews and volunteers of this race that naturally occurs and is very cool. Even the community crowd at the finish was totally pumped.
  • There is a group of riders well after the leader group that smiles, makes goofy faces and/or gives the camera funny hand gestures. The leaders are on a mission.
  • The last bullet excludes Rebecca Rusch, who to my amazement, smiled all the way up the last big climb of the race by Lake Kahola and of course Matt Gersib who is always game to through down a hand gesture or two.
  • Riding 200 miles with a high in the 80’s with little to no wind would be nice. (No hard feelings finishers but the year I can’t ride and we have perfect weather conditions!? But hey 200 miles is still 200 miles)
  • 200 miles has a way of creating amazing stories. Each rider in the DK200 has a great one. Knowing what they went through, especially the ones coming in early in the morning, it was hard to keep a dry eye as I watched them finish. Want to make an amazing, inspirational documentary? The DK200 is dripping with good material.
  • Some of the greatest people in spirit come to the DK200.

This is a special race in a special area. It is put on by great people and the riders and their support are always a fun bunch. Now that you have all pumped me up, I am starting my training tonight on the trainer. I can’t ride outside until September so I will be putting more miles on the trainer than ever before.

Here’s a glimpse of what I saw last Saturday at the DK200. More to come.

bike bumper ornament

Cyclists filling up the Emporia Streets! 

cyclig friends

 The DK200 brings good friends together

dirty kanza landscpe

 DK200 landscape

dirykanza leaders

 The first riders I saw cresting Texaco Hill – there’s Emporia’s own Matt Brown!

dk200 texaco hill

 Riders cresting Texaco Hill and speeding away

gravel grinding dk200

 Dan Hughes and Cornbread Godfrey grinding up Battle Creek Road

Tim Ek

 Tim Ek grinding up Battle Creek Road

chamois but'r cycling team

 Chamois Butter Team enjoying the pain

dirty kanza 200 winners

 The winners!

rebecca rusch finish

 Rebecca Rusch (3rd overall, 1st open women’s division)

mikeyat the finish line

 Mikey being Mikey as we waited for the finishers

Another great day.

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