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Dirty Kanza 200 Blog Posts List

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This is a list of Dirty Kanza blog posts from riders and support crew that participated. Don’t see yours? Send it to me at feedyourmonkey@gmail.com

Bookmark this page as I will be updating when I receive new posts.

Michael Beck

Matt Bergen

Emily Brock

Wendy Davis and Here

Shane DeMars

Kory Dillman

Howard Draper

Tim Ek and Here

Paul Errington

Aaron Gammel

Matt Gersib

Cory “Cornbread” Godfrey

Thad Hoffman

Bob Jenkins

John Karrasch

Lukas Lamb

Orange Lederhosen

Josh Patterson

Jim Phillips

Rebecca Rusch

Jed “veggiegravelgrinder” Sampsel

Andrew Slater

Jim Smith

Matt Stacey

SuperKate and Here

Bobby Thompson

Photo gallery from UltraRace Pics




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Eric BenjaminDirty Kanza 200 Blog Posts List

Comments 1

  1. Matt Gersib

    Hey, Eric… Don’t forget that awesome story you wrote that just appeared in-print in Dirt Rag!! That was a great read, and an awesome perspective. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on how it all played out. What a great day and an incredible race!!

    I look forward to seeing you and having you as our guest here in Lincoln in August for Gravel Worlds.


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