Dirty Kanza 200 Images: Image Dump

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The image gallery and these instructions have been changed! I’ve had so many visitors, my web host wanted to shut me down. So read carefully.

Here they are, all 1,111 Dirty Kanza 200 images that I kept from the three days of shooting the Dirty Kanza 200. I am putting them HERE so you can look at them, download if you would like for social media, screen savers or whatever – you have my permission. Thanks for being the badasses you are. You made my job easy!

If you would like a print follow these directions. If you can’t follow these directions, you won’t get a print. Any prints are for personal use only. I don’t shoot to sell prints, but for commercial reasons, but I wanted the racers and families to be able to get one if they wanted. Follow these directions for prints:

Email me HERE and let me know what number you want. If you click on the image, you will have the option to download the image using the download button on the top. The file will download and you will have the the image number. After you email me, I will upload a full resolution file to my professional lab and when ready, will email you the link for your image. You will have many choices from media to framing for your image. Pretty easy.

  1. Download the image to get it’s identifying number
  2. Email me the number
  3. I will upload and give you your link
  4. you will order

If you have any questions let me know.