Dirty Kanza 2015

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I have been training to compete in the Dirty Kanza 200 this year. Yes, all the travel has gotten in the way a bit and I have been riding but not the longer rides that I need to do. I was still planning on riding until I got an email.

A certain bicycle company wants me to shoot at this year’s Dirty Kanza 200 for them. Hmmm. Now that sounds like a great opportunity – shooting the 10th Dirty Kanza 200 for a bicycle company! That’s legit. So I have made a decision.

I will see you at the DK this year, like every year since 2010, but once again with cameras instead of on a bike. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity! Maybe next year…of course who know’s where I will be in a year!

Keep training people! I am!

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Eric with camera