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Earth Day Gravel Grind

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Best way to celebrate Earth Day? A bike ride of course!

I joined up for the Tuesday Night Drop Ride. If you don’t know what that means it is a ride where everyone goes all out and if you’re left behind, or dropped, that’s just the way it goes. I am out of shape, but ended up having a good, fast ride. That was intriguing since I have recently cut off all caffeine and added sugars (soon all sugar as I am doing a sugar fast to reboot my system). Maybe that is actually helping. It was one of my best rides ever at this distance and elevation.

dirty kanza 200

 Scott Rothe climbing into the sunset.

I was able to average 15mph over 30 miles. That’s great for me. It was a hilly, gravel course and I was on the fat bike. That gives me hope that if I can get my act together and ride regularly again, I may be able to get to the front of the mid-pack.

fat bike flint hillsA rare tree-lined Kansas road

So much has been happening in my life. A lot of it has been depressing. It has made writing difficult. Cycling is my antidepressant medication. I must get on my bike. Although it sounds trivial and seems like I am just out having fun, cycling is so much more than that. It is part of who I am and I am determined to get back into the cycling scene. Since surgery and then the divorce, I have fallen out of the scene a bit and this site has gotten a bit dusty and unused.

That’s too bad because there are topics I’d love to share. I have made it through some tough life events. I have gained valuable tools to keep me going and bring success into my life. I am living more from the heart and that has led me to do some things with my life that may seem extreme to some, but to me they are freeing and lead to the calling my life has upon it.

I will begin posting again. Some of it cycling related, some of it about the adventure of my life. A couple of things I will share soon are my journey to living full time in an RV and my new life without sugar. These two things are huge.

facing fears

Stay tuned! The sun is shining, my wheels turning and my life heading in the right direction.

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