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Exploring a calling

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Do you have a calling? Do we all have a calling or is that a bunch of BS we made up to explain why great people became great – because they had a magical calling?

If you are thinking about this very thing or wondering what kind of work you should be doing because there is a feeling of dissatisfaction in your work life, I highly recommend a book called, The Art of Work by Jeff Goins. It is by and far my favorite book on the topic of work and finding a calling if there is such a thing. I am not getting paid or anything for this recommendation but if you use the link above I will get a little kickback from Amazon. Get the book if you are struggling in this area.

I was already thinking of doing so, but especially after reading this book I am starting a new blog. Adventure Monkey is still alive and well. I want it to be a place to share adventures and images of adventures. I also want to open it up as a place for you to share your stories too. If you want to write and share pictures of your latest adventure, contact me. Yours may be the story that helps someone out there get off the couch and change their life!

I like to write about life experiences and deeper meaning of things and this site is not the place for that kind of writing. I don’t know the name of the new site yet but am working on content. Plus I am working on a fictional book. I am giving myself time to write every day. If things don’t take hold, I will most likely go back to school in a field I’ve had interest in my whole life. I am taking the time of my “sabbatical” to work on writing projects I have been dreaming of doing for some time. It is exhilarating to do something I’ve had a passion to do for some time now.

And yes, I do believe we all have a calling. It may have nothing to do with a specific job and it may have everything to do with it. That’s for you to discover for yourself.

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