Gaining winter weight

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So with all this sedentary office work I have been doing, it felt like perhaps I was gaining winter weight. I also saw a couple of pictures from the California Tour that I was in and it looked like I was really testing the seams of my European cut race jersey. Naa, it was probably just me being hard on myself.

Then the Fat Cyclist had a 10 pounds by Christmas challenge on his blog. My cyclist friend that needs to gain ten pounds tweeted me about it. As if I needed to lose ten pounds. What was he saying? Probably just joking around.

As I debated getting another piece of pumpkin pie last night a few facts crossed my mind that were, um, a bit troubling.

  • Before the California trip, I have not had as much time to ride
  • Since the California trip, I have only managed to pedal a little over 60 miles
  • When training for the DK200 this year, I was riding 180 to 210 miles a week, not counting any miles on rollers
  • I started eating a lot during that training
  • I am still eating as if I am training for something
  • I haven’t stepped on the scale in a while

So this blog isn’t dedicated to loosing weight or anything, the Fat Cyclist has the corner on that. Plus, I never was a fat kid or anything, but in the past few years I have noticed my metabolism slowing way down. Before I became a cycling fiend, I was definitely overweight. I was pudgy and had a nice pair of love handles. Gaining weight is not good for the Adventure Monkey inside, that’s for sure. He wants to GO, without the extra burden of fatness and out of shapedness.

Alright, so I decided to step on the scale. I was appalled. I wasn’t back to my fatest, but it was way too close to that old figure.

I then decided to eat a very large piece of pumpkin pie with way too much whipped topping to make me feel better. I felt worse and began devising a plan. It is time to come up with goals for 2011 and start riding in the cold. Enough with this fat monkey.

Feed Your Monkey! (obviously that has nothing to do with food people!)