July 4th Sailing and the Nikon Coolpix A

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I hope you had a great July 4th celebration! I did. I took my Nikon Coolpix A and went sailing with some dear friends. I have never sailed before so this was a treat and a good test of the camera’s sensor.

First I drove up to Lee’s Summit, MO just in time for a tornado to touch down a couple miles from where I was safely tucked away. After the storm moved through we needed some Chipotle. Yum. Of course I brought the camera just in case. Here are some ominous clouds above the store.

Nikon CoolpixA Chipotle

Lee’s Summit. MO has been hit with a few tornado warnings in the past week. I was there for a tornado touchdown.

Nikon CoolpixA Sailing-002 cropped

Closeup; shot at 3200; there’s noise but it’s not too bad

The files are 4928 × 3264 with tons of detail. Chipotle was shot in the dark at 3200. There’s some grain, but it isn’t too bad.

I spent the weekend in Des Moines, IA. I was there for a quick weekend, but when I go back some of you will have to show me some of that sweet Iowa gravel I hear about.

We went to the Waterbury Circle Neighborhood in Des Moines for their annual July 4th parade. This neighborhood has a feeling of community I haven’t seen since I was a kid. Everyone knew everyone and neighbors treated each other like family. I didn’t take a lot of pictures, but click on the image below and check out the detail in the first flag. This was shot at 2.8. The focus was quick and the detail is amazing in the flag. Even the stray hairs on the edges can be seen. In good light this camera functions quite well.

Nikon CoolpixA Sailing-004

Full size image; click to see the detail in the flag.

Nikon CoolpixA Sailing-003

The macro focus setting is lame. It is slow and usually won’t focus at all. I found it works better with the continuous focus on, but it’s not great.

I shot the coaster at 1/15th at 2.8. The shallow depth of field is nice. There was a bit of camera shake so the image isn’t completely sharp but very nice. I am getting used to the slow macro focus, which is the biggest weakness so far with the Nikon Coolpix A.

The images come into the computer and I can tell I am not shooting with a Leica lens like my old Lumix LX-5. There is quite a bit of chromatic aberration – distortion in which there is a failure of a lens to focus all colors to the same convergence point causing blue or purple fringing on the edges, usually between a dark edge and the sky or light edge on my pictures. There is also a decent amount of vignetting or darkening on the edges of the images too. That’s not great, but both of these things are quickly corrected in LightRoom.

Nikon CoolpixA Sailing-005

Sails in the sun. Shot at 2.8 and the focus was right on. The detail the camera captures is outstanding.

Nikon CoolpixA Sailing-006

My first time sailing. I like the shapes of the sails and the focus works well with good light. The movement of the boat didn’t phase the focus.

Nikon CoolpixA Sailing-007

The large Nikon sensor shooting RAW captures tons of detail from shadows to highlights. The Sony RX 100 iii doesn’t come close. This is better than the Lumix LX5 too. A 14-bit RAW image captures tons of detail where others can’t – highlights and shadows. This was shot into the bright sun – so bright I couldn’t look into it without squinting. Nothing blown out and no details of the sky lost.

I shot the image below last year with a Sony RX100 iii. Many sang it’s praises, but even in RAW it couldn’t capture any details in the whites of the clouds. It also had trouble focusing from a moving bike. The Nikon Coolpix A does well with highlight and shadow detail and stays in focus when I am moving.

rebecca's private idaho

The highlights in the clouds of this image from a Sony RX 100 iii are lost, even shooting in RAW. It can’t compete with the Nikon Coolpix A.

The image below is another full size image. I had to save it as a smaller JPG for this blog, but click on it and check out the detail in the rope. I love being able to capture sharp details in my images.

Nikon CoolpixA Sailing-008

Full Size Image; click to view the incredible detail in the rope. It’s not perfect, but this camera does well capturing details.

Nikon CoolpixA Sailing-009

Once again, sails from highlights to shadows captured successfully. Amazing.

I loved being on a sailboat. It is relaxing to hear the water, sails and wind as you glide through the water. These images show how the Coolpix A captures details even in the highlights where other P&S cameras only capture white, with no details in the fabric of the sail.

Nikon CoolpixA Sailing-010

Happy Independence Day!

Nikon CoolpixA Sailing-011

Full Size Image; click to view the incredible detail. No details lost in the highlights at all. That is pretty amazing for a camera that fits in my pocket.

Nikon CoolpixA Sailing-012

I am going to have to do more sailing. I love the details.

Nikon CoolpixA Sailing-014

Another sailboat in the distance. There is a bit of banding in the sky to the left.

Nikon CoolpixA Sailing-013

Sailing was an amazing experience! I will definitely do it again. I did get some cycling miles in too before the sails went up and I need to get back to it!

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