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Living in an RV Part 2: the thought process

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My heart glows brighter than the screen of my laptop as I read stories of people living in tiny houses, RV’s, vans or even traveling the world by bicycle. I’ve been reading these adventurous stories for years. They resonate with me. They’ve awakened something in me. I crave the freedom the writers have found. Reading these stories while I live a different life has become more destructive than helpful. At some point I have to answer the call coming from within or these stories begin to depress me. They show me what I am not doing. I am not saying that everyone should travel the world on a bicycle, but some of us should.

I’ve had a few tastes of adventurous freedom and they left me wanting more. As I get to know myself I recognize the need to derail from my current path and follow where my heart leads, even if it seems completely irrational. I believe, under all this fear and doubt, that there is a reason, a purpose waiting for me if I follow my heart’s direction.

Let me interject a thought. These ideas aren’t something that came to me after a really delicious cup of coffee, a few alcoholic drinks or a bad day at work. These thoughts have been with me since childhood. Some decisions are not right for you and me. But if an idea has itched at us since childhood, something is there. Something bigger than you and me. Something we should explore.

Even though it felt crazy, like really crazy, I was compelled to investigate buying an RV I saw online. My limited thinking-mind was against it all the way. It wasn’t logical. But something inside felt right about all of it.

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The image that peaked my interest

I investigated. I talked a bit to the owner about RV life – living in an RV full time. And finally, I pulled the trigger and purchased it. The owner drove it from out of state and parked it in my driveway. I still don’t own a truck to pull it.

I looked at the 29 foot fifth wheel parked in my driveway in disbelief. I couldn’t believe it was mine. It was an unbelievable, yet powerful feeling. I was scared but I also felt good. I was doing this.

I had to simplify – get rid of my belongings next. I figured I had plenty of time to do that. My house would take time to sell.

I put the house on the market and a day and a half later, it sold.

Holy shit. I am doing this.

To be continued…

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