Now what?

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The question has been posed as to “what’s next” for the Adventure Monkey. A lot.

Here’s a recap of the journey of Adventure Monkey so far:

I had a great corporate job that paid great money and also had great benefits. I hated it. I am just not the regular job kind of guy. Some people are, some aren’t. I get bored, restless and depressed unless I feed the adventure monkey inside (just like you). Going somewhere every day for 12 hours to do meaningless things was getting to me. Still is in fact. That was the motivation I needed to do something, but it didn’t hit me until…

…I got on my bike again. You can read about it in the archives, but cycling became my outlet where I could breathe, think, and recharge, no matter how frustrating work life became. On one of those rides, I decided to close down the side business of weddings and portraits and start the Adventure Monkey site. I would shoot for my own need to be creative. No more cheesy portraits, or clients,  just shooting what and how I wanted to.

I put a rack on the bike and started taking the camera on rides and this site was born. Soon I wanted more. I decided I needed to start “living for real” and wanted to start doing great things with my time. I needed a way to throw down the gauntlet and actually DO SOMETHING rather than talking about it for once. The DK 200 was it for me. If I could do that, anything was possible.

Now that’s it’s over and I am recovered, I am glad I did it and encourage all my readers to find a gauntlet throwing adventure to do – something that can symbolically jump start your life. Why? Finishing the DK 200 took all I had physically and mentally. I always wanted to do great things, but in my opinion, I never really did. I didn’t know I was even capable of overcoming such great odds, such great pain to finish something. Now I do. It’s good to know that about yourself. I hold my head a bit higher and just feel better about things. Now I am going to need to do something even greater. That’s how I roll.

There are a lot of things on my radar, but having a real job pretty much gets in the way of most of them. As you know, I am hoping that Adventure Monkey takes off and frees me from the cubicle world of corporate design. (If you ever have any advice, I will take it – seriously,  just email me.) But I always have to remember the reason Adventure Monkey exists. It is not to make me money, that would just be a nice benefit. The whole reason for its existence is to inspire you, the readers to be better people, to do great things and to make your world a better place because of it. I cannot stand the couch mentality we have – it’s time to get off the couch and live life to the fullest. We are here for a limited time. There are things inside each of us that we want to do. No one is stuck. Choices need to be made. Make them. Oh and by the way, it’s easier to make those hard choices wearing an Adventure Monkey t-shirt, just sayin’.

So immediately, something is sitting before me and it is a beautiful thing. It is the proof of Issue Two of Adventure Monkey Magazine. It is magnificent. The quality of writing and photography in this issue is amazing to me. I will once again use to print it and I will be offering it free as a pdf. I am hoping someday to make some money off advertising, but I am not making any money on it. I just want to get it into the world. These inspirational stories need to be told. That being said, I will be selling it at cost through and will let you know when it is available. (Hopefully late this week or early next week.) Want to help out? Purchase a bunch of them and take them to your local bike shops or sporting good stores or coffee shops or wherever you see fit. I need a bit of help getting it out there. I couldn’t get any advertisers to help out with that yet, so it’s up to us. You are my sales force, and I feel pretty confident about that.

So what’s next after that? I have some great ideas for ways to push myself. Some announcements will be coming up soon.

Also, I have been getting emails about pictures of the DK200 roads for gifts. I have many left over from the DK 200 booth and will soon have them available to purchase here at a very reasonable price. Stay tuned.

Feed Your Monkey!