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Pictures of Dirty Kanza Gravel: the week after

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I have been processing thousands of images at the computer since I shot the Dirty Kanza 200 last weekend. Luckily I’ve been able to find time to get on the bike too or I’d go insane.

Last night I rode part of the first leg backwards – the real muddy sections. They were bone dry. I saw all the tracks, like ghosts in the dry dirt, from the DK200 riders that were forced to carry their bikes through deep mud. It made me smile. I’m not mean, I’ve experienced those conditions too. But I was riding it, completely dry and imagining your pain just 15 miles in or so. Wow. You guys kicked butt. We actually had a higher percentage of finishers than the hot years from what I heard.

So here’s why you came here – pictures! They look dreamy and here’s why.

My camera is broken from all the falls from the bike over the years. In fact I went over a rutted, bumpy section and it flew out again on this ride, hitting my shin and reminding me how well made the Lumix LX5 was made. Ouch. The rear LCD screen doesn’t work, so I shoot blind and sometimes the lens doesn’t cooperate either. Also it was so humid that the lens had moisture on it and I couldn’t clean it with sweaty lycra. What you see here is the result.

My next post will be an image dump of ALL my DK200 images from last weekend. Check back soon.

Flint HIlls Gravel Flint HIlls Gravel Flint HIlls Gravel Flint HIlls Gravel Flint HIlls Gravel Flint HIlls Gravel Flint HIlls Gravel Flint HIlls GravelIt may be early, but every ride for me is a training ride for the 2016 DK200. This ride hurt, a really good hurt. BUt I had to get out there to feed the monkey!

Feed Your Monkey!