Racing the Sun

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It wasn’t my intention to race the sun. I lost track of time learning a new WordPress template and it was getting late. Being on a computer all day leaves me feeling unaccomplished, no matter how much I get done. I just wanted to go for a spin to unwind and give myself a feeling of completing something.

I put on my new Capo kit (it’s exquisite), loaded my bottles with water and prepared to sweat profusely because of the sauna-like humidity outside.

I had to return a badass Denzel Washington movie and mail something so I headed to downtown Emporia. After the errands were complete, I took off at a relaxing speed towards the south end of Emporia, the same way as the Dirty Kanza racers. I had no route in mind, I just wanted to ride for a couple of hours. As soon as my fat tires hit the gravel everything seemed right with the world again.

I have felt good on the bike, even with this suffocating humidity this week. I’ve felt strong to the end of the ride. Many times my legs die after 30 miles or so and I have to limp home, unable to apply much force to the pedals. But this week has been different. I have been able to keep pedaling hard to the end. It has been awhile since I felt like that.

Tonight was supposed to be a spin, a recovery ride from the previous night’s 46 mile ride. But ten miles in I felt great and 20 miles in I felt even better. I lengthened the route a bit and racing the sun to Mulready’s became the plan. I earned a good beer and a good beer I would have. I stepped it up and pushed to Mulready’s.

Gravel Sunset


It was a great ride. I felt like a hero. I made it to Mulready’s as the sun was setting and set my bike in the rack. It was so humid I was completely drenched in sumptuous amounts of sweat that would not evaporate into the sauna-like air. I opened the door into Mulready’s feeling a little self-conscious in my cycling kit and felt the blast of freezing air-conditioned air. Brrr.

Gravel Sunset 2

Flint Hills Sunset

A Nitro IPA was on tap and soon in my belly as I found a few people to talk to as the sun disappeared and the sky grew dark.

It was another good day in Emporia, Kansas.

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