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RV Living: a look inside the 5th Wheel

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Many readers are curious how I am going to live in a 5th wheel (she still needs a proper name) and what RV living will be like. I plan on giving you a peek into RV living and maybe inspire you to become more of a thinking doer and less of a mindless consumer, as I was, as I begin my journey towards a minimalist lifestyle. I am not trying to be anti-anything, I simply want to have more time and money to live an adventurous lifestyle.

Work has to be done before I can move in. Getting rid of all the stuff I have accumulated over the past 20 years is proving to be harder work than I expected. But it will be worth it. My plan is to spend more of my waking hours on things that matter to me and less time on the things that don’t.

I have accumulated a lot of stuff that I do not need. I have a house payment that keeps me tied to working 9-5. There are things I have been called to do with my time on this planet and I am going to make time to do them. I lean into these feelings, these callings and I face the fears that try to guard them from realization. I do this by taking one step at a time as I walk on this hero’s journey.
I haven’t moved in yet and before I do I am going to give you a sneak peak into my new home. Feel free to click on the images to see them larger.

RV LIvingFrom left to right: dining room, living room with pull-out futon, entertainment center area, hallway to the bathroom and master bedroom, front door, kitchen with sink, stove microwave, fridge and freezer and 3 beds in the rear bedroom.

RV LIvingHere is an opposite view that is seen when you walk in.

RV LIvingClose up of the kitchen

RV LIvingA framed poster in the master bedroom. Yes, this came with the 5th wheel. Kind of perfect wouldn’t you say?

RV LIvingLooking from the master bedroom into the living area.The bathroom with toilet and shower is across from the sink.

RV LIvingThe table I will soon be blogging and working from, not to mention eating, crafting, journaling and many other things.

Looks like an adventure doesn’t it!?

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