Summer Training Continues

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I am on the Salsa Beargrease. I look down and see the big wheels whirl over chunks of gravel. The Husker Düs are aged past perfection and are going bald. But I feel good. My average speeds are going up and my heartrate was low today. I looked at the monitor and saw my HR wasn’t even 140 as I was climbing a hill. I had more in me, I had to quit slacking. Training is not always fun. The fun is in seeing improvement and being able to go fast. I pushed it the rest of the way home and watched my average speed climb just above 14 mph. That’s not bad for me, especially since I rode hard yesterday, and it’s faster than I ever was on the skinny bike on this route. And I have much work to do, so I think I can improve quite a bit.

I’ve tried to ride at a pace that hurts, but is just below making me cramp and/or get too tired to finish the ride. I attack the hills. I am concentrating on rides that are around 30-45 miles these days, but I will be doing a 63 mile ride later this week. I am trying to push hard on these shorter rides to build strength and speed and I am riding far enough to work on my endurance too. I have not done a century in some time, but I am feeling good. It’s that long-distance endurance I crave. I miss it. I loved riding 100+ mile rides back in the day. I’m on my way back to that. I am determined to overcome this heart thing and put it behind me. The scar will be my only reminder, not my performance.

I rode hard two days in a row. I am taking tomorrow off and then attacking a 63-mile course on Thursday. I am looking forward to it. The only bad thing is that it will be a road ride, but it will be around a few lakes, so there will be a bit of scenery for me to enjoy. I will leave the fatty at home and ride the CX bike. Then I’ll head north to Des Moines. I here there is some decent riding in Iowa. I am not sure how much I will do on this trip, but I hear good things about Des Moines.

You know what? It feels good to push myself to do something beyond my limits. Better and safer than crack.

Here’s a few shots from my recent rides in the Kansas countryside.
Summer Gravel-200 Summer Gravel-201 Summer Gravel-202 Summer Gravel-203 Summer Gravel-204

Beargrease Tunnel

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