The AeroGreaser and last minute preparations for the Land Run 100

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Monday. I open Microsoft Outlook, click and read through the emails of upcoming to-dos and try not to get too sour about any of the upcoming tasks that I’d rather not do. I don’t look forward to any of them, but I accept this as my current situation and make peace with it. What we focus on is what we become and damn if I am going to be a corporate curmudgeon, cursing the conditions of my existence the rest of my life. So I see that negative thought and become aware that my mind thought it (not me so much) and move on. I switch to thinking of the career of my calling and smile realizing that it is inside me at this moment and will blossom in due time. For what we seek is already inside us. But we have been trained for far too long that what we need is on the outside, something external that will make us happy. I no longer seek happiness, for it is fleeting, rather I seek peace and joy.

But there is one thing I am anticipating that is not in my mind. It’s in Stillwater, Oklahoma and that’s the Land Run 100 coming up this Saturday! It makes the hum of the corporate world a bit more bearable. I can’t wait to see my buddy Bobby Wintle and his new bikeshop (new to me as I’ve yet to see it) and I get to hang out with my two oldest boys all weekend as they will be supporting me. It is going to be a blast!

With all the snow that has turned to muck, I have been on the trainer more than on real bike rides. I have stepped up my “pushing it” factor on the trainer and have cut calories out of my diet to get in better shape. Plus, if you have been following the AM Facebook page, you know I recently purchased some aero bars for the Beargrease. They are about a pound and a half, so instead of carbon bits, I can stand to lose some human fat tissue. And I have. As of this morning I was 146.6 pounds instead of the slightly overweight 150-152 pounds (I’m just a little guy). So with that being said, I am sticking with my crazy decision to ride the fatbike for the 100 mile Land Run 100 race. Now I just need to finalize my gear and nutrition list.

This race is a little tricky to plan for. You see, I used to ride 100 miles on weekend training rides but it has been quite awhile since I have done that. I have had a slow recovery from surgery and my longest ride has been 77 miles and that wasn’t fast. Part of me says, “Oh it’s just 100 miles, I don’t need to prepare much” and then the logical me steps in and realizes that this will be my first century with the repaired, like-new, heart valve. My legs aren’t in top shape and this, if taken too lightly could turn out to be a real punisher.

So I trained the best I could with my work schedule and I am preparing for this as if it is the Dirty Kanza 200. I simply want to finish. Yes, I would love to finish well, but as long as I can make the cutoff time (need a 10mph avg) and finish I will be happy. Plus, like I said before I installed aero bars on the Beargrease.

After the installation was done I stepped back and looked at the AeroGreaser. I almost got sick to my stomach looking at her like that. “Maybe this was a dumb idea.”

Then I went out to ride and adjust those bars. I have never ridden with aerobars. All I can say was it felt as close to feeling like I was on a speeder straight out of Star Wars as I was ever going to get in this lifetime. They were super comfortable and definitely gave me a faster posture on the bike. The more I rode it, the more I liked it. Sitting upright immediately brought my speed down, but it will be good to know that on the straightaways, I can get low and ride out of the wind and that I will have the upright MTBK position for the rough stuff. I also thought, since I have only ridden with them for about 12 miles, I may have some pretty sore muscles come the finish line on Saturday.

I don’t have any pictures of the AeroGreaser yet, but come next week I shall not disappoint. For now, enjoy a few snowbike images. And the race starts at 8:00 am on Saturday the 9th so be sure to send good vibes my way!

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