The Salsa Beargrease Build

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Not many words needed here. I simply shot the build of this beautiful bicycle at Emporia’s own High Gear Cyclery. Thanks to High Gear and Salsa Cycles for making this happen. This is just the bike I need to travel the road I am currently on. Roads or no roads, I can go anywhere on my new Beargrease. When the road gets really bumpy, my smile gets bigger while on this bike. It’s just what the doctor ordered.

This test shot turned out so nice, I had to keep it.

Adventure in every box

Hi-C the shop cat

One Happy Guy right there. The smile only gets bigger when I rode it.

Some people are wondering why I would want such a monstrosity of a bike. Well fatbikes were originally made for snow and I’ve heard them called snowbikes. It didn’t take long for people to start riding fatbikes in other conditions than snow. Salsa’s version has proved to be fast and nimble, even with those fat tires. I wanted one because they are simply fun to ride. I feel like a kid again finding things to jump over and off of. Roads or no roads, it doesn’t matter. They are so damn fun to ride. It’s so balanced and easy to maneuver too. Oh crap, I took a bad line! Doesn’t matter, I just kept pedaling and rode over the rocks, roots and other bumps in the way. I have taken it out on only two rides so far – mostly singletrack. I had a blast and made hills that gave me problems before with no problem on this fatty. The Husker Dü tires help with that too. This has become my favorite bike. I simply love it.

It’s simply a crazy thing that I got this bike at this time, in a spiritual way. My path has been bumpy and unknown in life. I need a vehicle to get through it. Just like this bike is able to clear any hill or rocky section, so too will I clear this rocky section in life. This bike is empowering.

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