There’s a new apparel company in town…

To be honest, I thought I’d whip out some designs, find a manufacturer and start creating my own line of apparel. It shouldn’t take but a month or so to get all the details worked out. Right? Wrong.

There’s a lot of details to work out from inks to fabrics to sizing to chamois to zippers to stitching to shipping to pricing…you get the picture.

But now, most of the details are worked out and I hope to release the presale to you, my fans and readers, this Friday!

I will have full race kits, other cycling jerseys, running tees and polos all made with high end wicking materials.

I was getting frustrated but when the batch of samples came in I was fully stoked. The stuff is sick. And by sick I mean very nice, like so nice it made me sick. OK so I’m not so hip anymore but I do have teenagers at home, so whatever.

Looking at all the choices I had I wanted to give YOU choices when you order. I can’t do that with other companies, but I am not other companies right? So I narrowed down the choices to give you these final choices when you order a jersey:

  • Size (that seems pretty important)
  • Cut (race or club)
  • Fabric (casual or race grade)
  • Sleeves (short sleeves or sleeveless)
  • Men’s or Women’s fit

I am working on a nice succinct explanation page with a fit chart to help out. My dilemma here is I don’t want to make it so complicated that you won’t order something. What do you think? Here’s how the choices will look on the product page (click anywhere on this sentence).

Let me know what you think. Here’s a quick explanation of the choices from above:

  • Size: The fit chart is being made. I found that the size I usually wear (Medium) is the size I would wear in AM gear. Others found the same thing too. If anything they run a tad small, but not too bad. 
  • Cut:
    Race is a tighter fit – no fabric flapping in the wind.
    Club is a very loose fit, like a relaxed t-shirt, and will give the big boys and girls choices too (they go up to a 56″ chest size, where the race fit goes to a 48″ chest, which is still large, but an overall tighter, racier cut)
  • Fabric:
    Casual is a nice polyester fabric that is sleek to the touch and very soft. It is comparable to any nice jersey I have worn. I like it.
    Race grade is made of CoolMax fabric, is super wicking, ultralight, amazingly soft and has a 4-D stretch quality. Because of its softness and stretchiness, it fits nicer, is more comfortable while having excellent wicking properties. I love it.
  • Sleeves: some like them, some don’t. Now you have a choice.

Men’s or Women’s fit: Can a man wear a pink jersey? How about a woman wearing the blue? What about the orange one or brown one? All jerseys will be offered in the men’s or women’s cut. You make the choice. Club cut is its own animal though – the same for men or women.      blue hero monkey jersey, bibs, kit

pink hero monkey cycling jersey

I am still working out some tweaks on the store, but that’s the gist of it. Let me know your thoughts!

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EricThere’s a new apparel company in town…

Comments 16

  1. Gretchen

    Sooooo excited!!!! One XL club cut women’s orange please! ;-) Oh wait, I have to wait until Friday, right? Dangit!
    These are so cool, Eric!

  2. Kevin

    L/RACE/RG/SS/MEN. Sleeveless are for tridorks and are of the devil ;)
    Haven’t decided if I want blue or pink. Leaning towards pink, and size is a guess based on how the stuff I have now fits…

    1. Post

      Hey people! You gotta place your order at the store! And Kevin, you know the #1 reason people have requested sleeveless? Wait for it……. tan lines.

  3. Matt

    Some more info on the order page – in a sidebar or popup – on sizing and cut would be good – but it appears you’re doing that. For the cut – a graphic of a shirt laying out where the differences are might be nice (I feel like I’ve seen this before, but can’t at the moment think of where). The drop-down menus work well, I think that approach lays out the choices nicely.

    Are you selling both jersey and shorts at the same time? Or just jerseys to start with? It’d be cool to see a discount if you get both at the same time… not sure how that works out for you, but it might get some people out in full kit who normally might just buy the jersey.

    Looking forward to making my first AM purchase on Friday!

    **Repost: mistyped my own blog site previously… pls delete that one (if you don’t mind!)**

    1. Post

      Kevin – you and those damn rules! Is that a poster btw? A poster of “the rules” would be sweet for my garage. Maybe I should talk to them about that. And FYI – I am all about SS jerseys, but understand that some people like things I don’t. I know you may not understand that concept because of your debilitating condition of having the engineering gene :) (Check out Dilbert: The Knack if you haven’t seen it on youtube) Personally, I like the superhero feeling of a full kit with SS – that’s as close as I’ll ever get to being a super.
      Matt – I think I am going to have to make the info a separate page that will be a link from the product page because of my lack of coding knowledge.
      I will be selling full kits, but separately at first. And if you buy in the first week, everything is going to be below retail at a great savings to those of you that have hung around here with me. When I can afford to pay someone to work on this site, I will be able to have them program it to do a lot more. What I am saying is, I need to sell a lot of product! ;)

  4. Rick

    Actually don’t care about tan lines or the way I look. I care about the fact jersey manufacturers think all riders have scrawny arms and can squeeze in those tiny openings they call sleeves.
    That said, I’m thinking of ordering one with and one without sleeves with the hope that the sleeves won’t be too tight.

    1. Post
  5. Kevin

    I’ll second a request for black/white, black/grey, or black/silver in the future. Maybe with a different design… a murdered out happy monkey might be a little strange!

  6. Sean Herd

    Hey looks awesome! I’d like the same color green as your tee shirts! North Carolina blue…I just cant stomach it! lol Looks great Eric. I’ll be buying some stuff, what ever color! Rock on!!!

  7. Salman Suhail

    Hey Eric!

    Could you let us know who you decided to go with as your manufacturer? I remember reading in one of your previous blog posts its something you spent a lot of time thinking about – but before purchasing I would love to know who your end choice was and why you picked them. Thanks!

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