Bikepacking Gear and Preparations

fat bike bikepacking

It started out as a group email to a gang of cycling photographers about a name for a website and grew into a discussion about life, cycling and the need for a retreat. This group of creative cyclists has been friends for nearly half a decade. Many of us met through old school blogs with help of the…

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Cycling 650 feet below the ground; Strataca Salt Mines

strataca salt mines

A salt mine cycling race 650 feet below ground level? It seems as if plans are in the works and the Dirty Kanza crew and I were going to check it out. The Dirty Kanza crew was invited to ride below ground by Michael Armour of Strataca to see what they thought of it as a race venue.…

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Singletrack Revelations

mountain bike

Last week I took the fatbike out for some singletrack fun. It had been some time since I had ridden trails. The trails were calling. I decided to go out and ride hard. I wasn’t disappointed.  I passed some farmers hard at work harvesting beans on my way to Camp Alexander. It was dusty riding…

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A cycling guide for beginners

Cycling guide for beginners

There has been much writing going on here at Adventure Monkey and soon I will release a cycling guide for beginners geared towards people that want to get into cycling but are too intimidated, scared or just don’t know where to start. But I need your help! Keep reading to see how and to get a reward…

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Enjoy the ride

fat bike flint hills

I tasted my last sip of water at mile 38 of a 50 mile ride. That’s not how I planned it, but sometimes plans go out the window. Enjoy the ride.   Feed Your Monkey! Eric Tweet

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Rebecca’s Private Idaho 2014

rebecca's private idaho

Rebecca’s Private Idaho (RPI), a mountain gravel grinder,  is in its second year and this is my second year driving the 22 hours to take part in the festivities. Yeah, it’s that good. I am saying that having Dirty Kanza roads in my backyard. Why is it good you ask? The main reasons are the…

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The Sunday Blues…but wait

rpi, idaho, mountains, cycling

The only way I can describe this feeling is to compare it to the phantom feelings an amputee experiences for his lost limb. I wake up Sunday morning and begin to experience the Sunday blues. You know those feelings right? Sunday comes around and you begin to mourn the end of the weekend and begin to feel the responsibilities…

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I’m quitting my job to follow my daydream

cubicle life

I am not kidding this time friends. I can feel it down to the depths of my soul. I have plans, ideas and irons in the fire. But I am not finding time to follow through with them. I know that’s just an excuse. We all have 24 hours a day. I read about super humans…

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Camp Kindle


I am at a point that when a door of opportunity materializes,  I walk through it. I didn’t move into a 5th wheel and into my buddy’s backyard for nothing right!? The opportunity that came up this time was called Camp Kindle. They needed a camp counselor for middle and high school aged campers as one couldn’t make…

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Farmhouse Classic 2014

Farmhouse Classic 2014

Jim, Lelan and I met to discuss some Dirty Kanza 200 projects. The discussion turned to bike races and if I was going to do the Farmhouse Classic this year. It happened to fall on a weekend that I didn’t have the kids and I was planning a long ride anyway. I might as well ride with…

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How to become your best

011 Farmhouse Classic-001

Wondering how to become your best? Can’t figure out where to start on something huge? Simply start. Many times getting started is the hardest part. But know this: The more you do stuff, the better you get at doing stuff. Go do stuff. I have goals. Big Goals. They have to do with me, a bicycle…

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Gravel Grinder Training: Tuesday night worlds

gravel grinder

Tuesday Night Worlds: a weekly gravel grinder drop ride that puts me in my place. There is a range of cyclists but mostly fast riders as this is a training ride. If you are dropped, you are on your own. I decided to ride the fatbike. I was prepared to get dropped, but I wasn’t sure how well…

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Living in an RV Part 2: the thought process

facing fears

My heart glows brighter than the screen of my laptop as I read stories of people living in tiny houses, RV’s, vans or even traveling the world by bicycle. I’ve been reading these adventurous stories for years. They resonate with me. They’ve awakened something in me. I crave the freedom the writers have found. Reading these stories while I…

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Living in an RV Part One: Facing Fears to find my Path

rebecca's private idaho

My life started out with some pretty exciting potential. My mom grew up as a surfer girl on Venice Beach and my dad was a jazz drummer back in the 60’s. Then my dad decided to settle down and went to school to become a mechanical engineer. As he looked for a job he found one on almost a…

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Sun reflections and memories of baseball

sunrise photo

Baseball. I don’t pay attention to it these days but back in the day my big brother and I lived baseball. If we weren’t throwing the ball around, we spent hours over baseball cards, organizing them into teams, looking up how much our favorites were worth, making trades with each other or friends or putting together the best dream teams…

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Flint Hills Scenes

Flint Hills low maintenance

I’ve been out riding my bike and taking pictures of some nice Flint Hills scenes. No surprise right? I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. I think the sun, mugginess and first rides in the 90’s has me a bit tired out this Monday morning. So here’s a few images from rides I’ve…

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The Future of Adventure Monkey

RV writing space

I settle into my new writing space as the morning sun filters through the windows of the 5th wheel. Steam rises from my coffee, Suzie the dog lays quietly on the couch and I look at the space waiting for words on the Adventure Monkey blog. I have much to write but I don’t even know where to begin.…

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2014 Dirty Kanza 200 Images

Dirty Kanza 200_008

In case you missed the Facebook posts, my 2014 Dirty Kanza 200 image library is up! I am having some issues with the internet connection at my new location so I haven’t posted anything here in a while. View the 2014 Dirty Kanza 200 images go HERE. I will also be adding some new images to my fine…

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Dirty Kanza 200 Race Reports

Dirty Kanza 200_061

This is a list of Dirty Kanza 200 Race Reports. If yours isn’t listed contact me here: Bookmark this page as I will be updating when I receive new posts. 2014 Dirty Kanza 200 Race Reports ApabstSmear – Part 1, Part 2 Steve Biggs Brickhouse Racing – one and two from Andrea Wilson Eric Burch –…

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Dirty Kanza 2014: Dan Hughes

Heading towards Bazaar on Sharps Creek Road

I am honored to have a guest post by Dan Hughes today. Dan is a four-time Dirty Kanza Champion and a hero of mine. I have a lot of heros on the gravel. But these aren’t movie star heroes, these are “regular” guys with jobs and families that when they take to the gravel are…

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