These charts are in inches and are approximate measurements. If you aren’t sure about your size, measure yourself and know your body. If you have a big gut, long torso, huge chest or whatever order appropriately. If you are totally unsure email me with your measurements and I will help out.

If your items don’t fit we do have an exchange policy as long as you DO NOT WEAR your items. Try them on with undergarments.

Race Fit is a tight fit for a person that is in pretty good shape. It is cut more like a V from the shoulders to the waist. If you need something a bit looser order a club cut. The club cut is cut a little more straight or boxy cut from the shoulders to the waist.

Find your appropriate chart from the following. And remember, these are approximate to help you choose a size.

fit chart men's cycling jersey


fit chart women's cycling jersey


fit chart men's sleeveless jersey


fit chart women's sleeveless jersey


fit chart men's long sleeve jersey


fit chart women's long sleeve jersey


Child Jersey fit chart