A few life lessons learned on my bike

1. You have to get on the bike.
You won’t go anywhere in life unless you first get off the couch and go.

2. Sometimes all you can do is pedal.
When the road seems endless, you are fighting a headwind, you are tired, even in a little pain, there’s nothing you can do except keep pedaling. Before you know it, you’ve made it to your destination and you are better for it.

3. There are no shortcuts.
It would be nice to cut through a field or a forest or lake, but that would actually make the trip worse and take more time. There are no get rich quick, lose weight fast, cash now systems that will help you. Work your way to success by making and meeting goals one step at a time. Never give up. See 1 and 2.

4. Don’t take a dead end.
Recognize a dead end for what it is. There may be some great scenery on the way, but in the end you will have to backtrack. Sometimes friends, lovers, lifestyles or choices are dead ends. Save yourself some time and take the other road. A dead end adds backtracking time to your destination. In life, therapy is a form of backtracking and getting us back on the road to our destination.

5. Enjoy the ride
Focus on the beauty all around you, not on the pain or other aggravations. There is beauty all around us, but we don’t take the time to see and learn from it in our quest for speed. The journey is enjoyable when you realize the beauty all around you.

6. Take the time to repair your bike.
Repairing your bike makes you one with the bike and gives you understanding to its mechanics. Pedaling for miles with annoying noises, gears that won’t shift or adjustments that need to be made, not only is irritating, but also uncomfortable. It may be bad enough to make you not get back on the bike. This bike can represent your job, your spouse, or anything else vitally important to your journey. Take the time to make it run smoothly.

7. Sometimes you need a new bike.
After you’ve done everything you can to make your ride more comfortable by making repairs, adjustments, getting yourself in shape, and buying new parts, sometimes it comes down to the bike. It may be the wrong bike for your body or riding style. In other words, it may be time for a new job, city or whatever.

8. When the journey is grueling and painful, making it to your destination feels incredibly rewarding.
It is the hard times that shape us. How we deal stress, difficulties and tribulations brings us to the core of who we really are. Getting through a difficult time in life makes us stronger and gives us deep character. When things get tough, see #2.

9. Don’t let the circumstances out of your control stop you.
Sometimes I want to skip the ride when it’s too windy or rainy or cold or hot or whatever. Instead, I wear the right clothes, change route plans, or ride inside. Don’t be stopped from reaching your goal because of something somebody said, a bad economy, or whatever. Adapt and make better plans to achieve your goal.

10. You can still ride without having the best equipment.
I started this journey without biking shoes, biking clothes, the right bike, the right components, etc. I got off the couch, got on the bike and started pedaling. I was slowly able to acquire better equipment, but not having the perfect setup didn’t stop me. I am still wanting better equipment and gear, but that won’t keep me from getting on the bike and doing what makes me feel good. Do with what you have instead of not doing anything.

11. Getting lost isn’t always a bad thing.
Yes, there are times when getting lost isn’t in your best interest, but it’s all in how you look at it. A longer ride, new sights, new roads and a new adventure await you. Sometimes getting yourself found is the greatest reward since if you were never lost then being on that same road home wouldn’t feel so good. Getting lost always find me enjoying a new road and being able to tell a new story.